Gannicus Proculus

Paladin of Jainus


Name: Gannicus Proculus
Nationality: Astorian and ?
Religion: Church of Jainus
Age: 25
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 220
Hair: Dark brown, closely cut
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Large Mace, Hand Axe
Armor: Full Plate Mail, Kite Shield


Orphaned at a young age during the last Astor-Galderan war, Gannicus has never known his parents. In the wake of the last large conflict between Astor and Galdera, Sir Rodrick Hildebrand found Gannicus as a boy dressed in rags with only an amulet of Jainus to his name. Rodrick took pity on him, deciding to adopt him as his own son. Or so he has been told most of his life. Gannicus has little to no memory of his childhood before he came under Rodrick’s care.

Gannicus grew up among the Band of the Wolf, accepted as one of their own and it became the family he had always longed for. Having nothing but respect and devotion for his adoptive father, Gannicus has spent his life training to be a warrior worthy to be Rodrick’s son.

His youth and teen years were spent mostly in the capital, living and playing closely with Prince Dragmar since Hildebrand was a close friend of the royal family. Because of this Gannicus was lucky enough to receive an education on par with a Galderan noble. His childhood friendship with the prince would last even into adulthood.

He officially joined the Band the day he turned sixteen and soon after began going on away missions. It was during this time that Gannicus became a devote follower of Jainus. He considers it his only true connection to his lost parents. He proved an exemplary soldier and was hand picked for Wolf Pack One by the time he turned twenty after a harrowing fight against a Ragtharian Titan.

Gannicus Proculus

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