Shen Aokigahara

Ronin Warrior - Last of the Shiyoku Clan


Name: Shen Aokigahara
Age: 45
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Black and Silver
Eyes: Silver/Gold
Weapon: Ceremonial Shiyoku Katana (TMW) and White Bane (Glaive)
Armor: Modified Shiyoku Samurai – Band of the Wolf Hybrid


He is the last of the Shiyoku clan or “the mountain exiles”. Many years ago the village elders of the Shiyoku clan realized the necessary evil of the dark arts. With the rising threat of the titans the ability to teleport was paramount in a successful combat technique to quickly reach the most vulnerable places of the wretched beasts. The other clans quickly exiled all followers of Shiyoku to the mountains where they, with their abilities, crafted impressive mountainside temples and and homes.

During a routine mountain patrol Shen watched in horror from the peak of the highest neighboring mountain as a white-maned titan slaughtered his people and left his home in ruin. Only wreckage and gore were left.

After retrieving the village’s ceremonial katana, then 15 year-old Shen began his quest of vengeance, following the red snow through the mountains — Zan-Datsu’s whispers in his mind…

When Shen was 17 years old he met one of the few men in Gaia who could meet his prowess in battle. Rodrick Hildebrand fought and defeated Shen one stormy evening in a one on one duel near the Ragtharian border. After his defeat Shen was offered a place among the ranks of Rodrick’s Hunter’s Guild — The Band of the Wolf. Rodrick’s reasoning being, “Though all wolves have teeth, few know how to use them like you…” In a few short years Shen had climbed to the top of the ranks, leading the most elite of the wolves in a deadly strike team known as Pack One.

With the resources and experience of Pack One, Shen was able to hone his skills in battle against person and titan alike. In his late twenties, Shen left Pack One to continue his search for the Titan who slayed his people, though he never traveled without bearing the Emblem of his new clan; The Band of the Wolf. Unceremoniously dubbed “The Lone Wolf”, Shen single-handedly carved a swath of vengeance through the years following bread crumb rumors and here-say as to the whereabouts of his prey. After decades of searching to no avail, Shen made his way back to Galdera to rejoin the ranks of the Band of the Wolf.

During his journey back, Shen was surrounded and captured by former allied Galderan military under accusations of murdering the late Galderan King. Though outnumbered, Shen still managed to kill 8 men and wound an additional 4 of the 20 sent to subdue him.

During the escape of his captives Shen met and joined with the current Pack One lead by Rodricks’ son, Gannicus Proculus. He now spends his days protecting his fellow wolves, and searching for a way to clear the Band of the Wolf name — though he still holds hope that one day his adventures will lead him to the vengeance he so desperately desires. The Nekomata…

Shen Aokigahara

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