Ludum Venatores

"The only thing harder to kill than a Titan is a Titan slayer."


The Ludum Venatores, or "Hunter Games", is the largest sporting event in all of Gaia held every four years at the Grand Coliseum in Remus. The first Ludum Venatores was held over 100 years ago by the legendary Emperor Octavian in order to decide which Hunter Guild would earn the honor of his patronage. Seeing this as an opportunity to test themselves and gain notoriety amongst the public, the Guilds didn't hesitate to answer the call. The tournament was such a rousing success that it was made a regular event due to popular demand.

The rules for the Tournament are as follows: 

  • Sixteen Hunter Guilds will be selected for participation by an international panel.
  • Each Guild must choose five Hunters to represent them in the games.
  • Every round is single elimination.
  • A denari is flipped at the outset of every match.
  • The Guild that wins the coin flip will have the option to choose the rules of engagement.
  • There are two possible rules of engagement to choose from: A one-on-one best of five series, or a five-on-five all out brawl between both teams.
  • Killing your opponent is not against the rules. However, it is greatly frowned upon.

Aside from felling a legendary titan, there is no greater honor for a Hunter than to win the Ludum Venatores. Guilds from around the world have already begun to gather in Remus in hopes of achieving greatness. This includes the current reigning champions, The Crystal Horde. Other notable guilds expected to enter are The Silver Mask Society, Shatterpoint, and Titan's Folly. However, due to being placed on permanent retainer to King Elias Dragmar II following the last Galderan-Astorian War, the Band of the Wolf has never participated in the Ludum Venatores despite their rapidly growing popularity. 

Ludum Venatores

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